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Training and Resources:

For in-depth information and resources including self-paced training that centers on mapping and geospatial technologies you can sign up to participate in the Blackboard course Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). You will find in the course instructions on how to obtain course codes for the ESRI Virtual Campus courses. This course never expires.

Directions on how to get there:

1. Request an access code from using an Emory domain email account and using "course request" in the subject line

2. Login to Blackboard ( with your network ID and password

3. Click the "courses" tab

4. In the course catalog window click then link "tutorials"

5. The course ID is "GIS_Page" and the course name is "Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)"

6. Click "enroll"

7. In the access code box type in the access code you were provided

8. Click "submit"

GIS Listserv:

The GIS Listserv at Emory is an interdisciplinary listserv for users of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Any subscriber may present questions, provide answers, or provide news and information on the topic of GIS or related technologies. Please note that the listserv is moderated, however. You can sign up at GIS Listserv at Emory (

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